Aura readers are akin to physics. They have a gift to tune in to your energy field and see the aura you project. They are also able to see what at-the-moment emotional state is, are able to ignore that and read what actually is the core of your being.  It is not easy to do all that; hence, you might not always get an accurate reading. However, you can help your aura-reader to deliver his/ her best.

Write down the questions you want answers for – do not go to the aura reader saying, ‘Tell me what you see’. As a psychic he/ she will see plenty. You need to ask specific questions so the psychic will look for answers in that particular area.

Make a list, if you have many questions and start with the most important one for you and work on to the least important. As the psychic person will focus strongly to find your answers, these would influence your emotional state making it increasingly difficult to stay accurate. So keep the most important questions at the beginning of the session.

  1.  Identify the right kind of aura reader – you would not go with a heart problem to a skin specialist, right? Each psychic person who can read aura has a special gift. Find out which aura reader specializes in the area of your concern and go to that person for best answers – for they are your specialists.
  2. Knowing future is inaccurate – you can change your future with a single change of thought today. So, do not fix yourself too much in reading the future. You can have an aura reader to help you get some critical answers about your future; however, remember everything is in your hands. Future changes – and you can see this even with the lines on your palm – when your mind changes. Your thoughts are what make your future. Learn to control and focus your thoughts and you can have anything
  3. Map your emotions – aura reading can be exceptionally useful for mapping your emotional state and understanding yourself. Why are you behaving the way you are behaving? Aura readings can give you many valuable insights into your own feelings. It will also be able to show you where and how you should block negative energy filtering back into your emotional make-up
  4. Map your health – one extremely powerful benefit of aura reading is that it can predict accurately diseases that would take years to manifest physically. Use this heads-up time to correct the problems in your body to restore your health even before you become sick. Find aura healers and correct the energy flow so you will eliminate the disease literally from the roots.

Take aura reading just as you would any predictions – with a pinch of salt. Focus less on the future and more on the present, for it is the present that will affect your future. With a little preparation and understanding you will be able to get the most from your aura readings.

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  • Shane Knight

    Just love the way you share the tips for aura reading really helpful for beginner as well as for experienced ones